White Boy Blues - Classic Guitars Of Clapton, Beck & Page


Artist: Eric Clapton; Jeff Beck; Jimmy Page
Label: Compleat Records
Year: 1984
Genre: Blues
Catalog: 672005-1
Grade: EX
Value: 15
Discogs Link: https://www.dis...release/1623612


Title Artist Length
Snake Drive Eric Clapton 2:25
West Coast Idea Eric Clapton 2:16
Choker Eric Clapton; Jimmy Page 1:24
I'm Your Witch Doctor John Mayall & The Bluesbreakers 2:08
Tribute To Elmore Eric Clapton 2:08
Freight Loader Eric Clapton; Jimmy Page 2:45
Miles Road Eric Clapton; Jimmy Page 2:23
Telephone Blues John Mayall & The Bluesbreakers 3:53
Draggin' My Tail Eric Clapton; Jimmy Page 3:07
Down In The Boots The Immediate All-Stars; Jimmy Page 3:24
Steelin' The Immediate All-Stars; Jeff Beck 2:37
Chuckles The Immediate All-Stars; Jeff Beck 2:23
L.A. Breakdown The Immediate All-Stars; Jimmy Page 2:03
Piano Shuffle The Immediate All-Stars; Nicky Hopkins 2:57
Someday Baby Cyril Davies; The Immediate All-Stars 2:46
Porcupine Juice Santa Barbara Machine Head 3:13
Rubber Monkey Santa Barbara Machine Head 2:36
Albert Santa Barbara Machine Head 3:20
Who's Knocking Jeremy Spencer 2:33
Look Down At My Woman Jeremy Spencer 3:02


Purchase Date: 29 November 2013
Purchase Price: $4.50
Purchase Place: Rhode Island Antiques Mall
ID: 6962
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NM awesomeness - a record I remember wanting even before it came out in '84, with all the hype of awesomeness. Lol - haven't even listened to it but maybe 1ce, ever, and only a side.