20 Years Of Jethro Tull - The Definitive Collection


Album: 20 Years Of Jethro Tull - The Definitive Collection Artist: Jethro Tull
Label: Chrysalis Catalog:
Year: 1988 Genre: Rock
Medium: Vinyl Grade:
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Title Artist Length
Song For Jeffrey Jethro Tull
Love Story Jethro Tull
Fat Man Jethro Tull
Bourée Jethro Tull
Stormy Monday Blues Jethro Tull
A New Day Yesterday Jethro Tull
Cold Wind To Valhalla Jethro Tull
Minstrel In The Gallery Jethro Tull
Velvet Green Jethro Tull
Grace Jethro Tull
Clasp, The Jethro Tull
Pibroch (Pee Break) / Black Satin Dancer (Instrumental Jethro Tull
Fallen On Hard Times Jethro Tull
Jack Frost And The Hooded Crow Jethro Tull
I'm Your Gun Jethro Tull
Down At The End Of Your Road Jethro Tull
Coronach Jethro Tull
Summerday Sands Jethro Tull
Too Many Too Jethro Tull
March The Mad Scientist Jethro Tull
Pan Dance Jethro Tull
Strip Cartoon Jethro Tull
King Henry's Madrigal Jethro Tull
A Stitch In Time Jethro Tull
17 Jethro Tull
One For John Gee Jethro Tull
Aeroplane Jethro Tull
Sunshine Day Jethro Tull
Lick Your Fingers Clean Jethro Tull
Scenario Jethro Tull
Audition Jethro Tull
No Rehearsal Jethro Tull
Beltane Jethro Tull
Crossword Jethro Tull
Saturation Jethro Tull
Jack-A-Lynn Jethro Tull
Motoreyes Jethro Tull
Blues Instrumental Jethro Tull
Rhythm In Gold Jethro Tull
Part Of The Machine Jethro Tull
Mayhem, Maybe Jethro Tull
Overhang Jethro Tull
Kelpie Jethro Tull
Living In These Hard Times Jethro Tull
Under Wraps 2 Jethro Tull
Only Solitaire Jethro Tull
Cheap Day Return Jethro Tull
Wond'ring Aloud Jethro Tull
Dun Ringill Jethro Tull
Salamander Jethro Tull
Moths Jethro Tull
Nursie Jethro Tull
Life's A Long Song Jethro Tull
One White Duck / 0^10 = Nothing At All Jethro Tull
Songs From The Wood Jethro Tull
Living In The Past Jethro Tull
Teacher Jethro Tull
Aqualung Jethro Tull
Locomotive Breath Jethro Tull
Witch's Promise Jethro Tull
Bungle In The Jungle Jethro Tull
Farm On The Freeway Jethro Tull
Thick As A Brick Jethro Tull
Sweet Dream Jethro Tull


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Only played discs 1 and 5 and then only once.
selling 20 feb 2013 for $50

The Radio Archives
A1 Song For Jeffrey
Harmonica – Ian Anderson 2:47
A2 Love Story 2:43
A3 Fat Man
Percussion – Clive Bunker 2:55
A4 Bourée
Written-By – J.S. Bach* 4:04
A5 Stormy Monday Blues
Written-By – Eckstine*, Hines*, Crowder* 4:05
A6 A New Day Yesterday
Harmonica – Ian Anderson 4:19
B1 Cold Wind To Valhalla 1:32
B2 Minstrel In The Gallery
Percussion – Barriemore Barlow 2:08
B3 Velvet Green
Marimba – Martin Barre
Percussion – Barriemore Barlow 5:52
B4 Grace
Violin – Pat Halling* 0:33
B5 The Clasp 3:30
B6 Pibroch (Pee Break) / Black Satin Dancer (Instrumental)
Performer [Pee Break] – Ian Anderson 4:00
B7 Fallen On Hard Times 3:59

Rare Tracks (Released But Only Just)
C1 Jack Frost And The Hooded Crow 3:20
C2 I'm Your Gun 3:18
C3 Down At The End Of Your Road 3:30
C4 Coronach
Oboe – Unknown Artist
Producer – David Palmer (2)
Written-By – David Palmer (2) 3:52
C5 Summerday Sands 3:45
C6 Too Many Too 3:27
C7 March The Mad Scientist
Double Bass [Acoustic] – Jeffrey Hammond-Hammond 1:47
D1 Pan Dance 3:24
D2 Strip Cartoon 3:16
D3 King Henry's Madrigal
Arranged By – David Palmer (2)
Producer – Robin Black
Written-By – Traditional 2:58
D4 A Stitch In Time
Bass – Ian Anderson 3:38
D5 17 3:07
D6 One For John Gee
Written-By – Michael Abrahams* 2:04
D7 Aeroplane
Electric Guitar – Neil Smith (5)
Producer – Derek Lawrence
Written-By – Glenn Barnard 2:16
D8 Sunshine Day
Backing Vocals [Distant] – Ian Anderson
Vocals – Mick Abrahams
Written-By – Michael Abrahams* 2:26

Flawed Gems (Dusted Down)
E1 Lick Your Fingers Clean 2:47
The Chateau D'Isaster Tapes (11:09)
E2a Scenario
Glockenspiel – Barriemore Barlow
E2b Audition
E2c No Rehearsal
E3 Beltane
Saxophone – Ian Anderson 5:17
E4 Crossword 3:34
F1 Saturation 4:23
F2 Jack-A-Lynn
Bass [Acoustic, Electric] – Dave Pegg 4:41
F3 Motoreyes 3:39
F4 Blues Instrumental (Untitled)
Synthesizer [Lyricon Wind] – Ian Anderson 5:15
F5 Rhythm In Gold 3:04

The Other Sides Of Tull
G1 Part Of The Machine
Bouzouki, Guitar [Electric], Keyboards – Martin Allcock 6:54
G2 Mayhem, Maybe
Drums [Ethnic] – Gerry Conway
Mandolin [Bass] – Dave Pegg 3:04
G3 Overhang 4:27
G4 Kelpie
Accordion – John Evan 3:32
G5 Living In These Hard Times 3:09
G6 Under Wraps 2
Double Bass [Acoustic] – Dave Pegg
Mandolin [Mandola], Percussion – Ian Anderson 2:14
H1 Only Solitaire 1:28
H2 Cheap Day Return
Conductor [Wind Section] – David Palmer (2) 1:22
H3 Wond'ring Aloud 1:58
H4 Dun Ringill
Vocals – Dave Pegg 3:00
H5 Salamander 2:49
H6 Moths 3:24
H7 Nursie
Executive Producer – Terry Ellis 1:32
H8 Life's A Long Song 3:17
H9 One White Duck / 0^10 = Nothing At All 4:37

The Essential Tull
I1 Songs From The Wood 4:29
I2 Living In The Past 4:07
I3 Teacher
Electric Guitar – Ian Anderson 4:43
I4 Aqualung
Written-By – Jennie Anderson 2:43
I5 Locomotive Breath 6:00
J1 Witch's Promise 3:50
J2 Bungle In The Jungle 3:33
J3 Farm On The Freeway 6:33
J4 Thick As A Brick 6:32
J5 Sweet Dream 4:32

Acoustic Guitar – Ian Anderson (tracks: A4, B1 to B4, C5, C7, D2, E2a, F2, G1, G2, G5, G6 to H9, I2, I4 to J2, J4), Martin Barre (tracks: G2, H4, H5)
Art Direction – John Pasche
Bass – Dave Pegg (tracks: C1 to C4, C6, D3, F3, F5, G1, G3, H3, I1, I2, I4, I5, J3 to J5), Glenn Cornick (tracks: A1, A2, A4 to A6, B3, B5, B6, D5 to D8, I3, J1), Jeffrey Hammond-Hammond (tracks: C5, D1, E1, E2b, E2c, F1, H2, H8, H9, J2), John Glascock (tracks: D2, E3, E4, F4, G4, G5, H5, H6)
Conductor – David Palmer (2) (tracks: B4, C5, D4, G5, H6, H8, H9, J2)
Design – Mainartery
Drums – Barriemore Barlow (tracks: B3, C5, D1 to D4, D7, E2b to F1, F4, G4, G5, H6, H8, H9, J2), Clive Bunker (tracks: A1, A2, A4 to A6, D5, D6, D8, E1, I3, J1), Doane Perry (tracks: I1, I2, J3, J4), Gerry Conway (tracks: B5, B6, C1 to C4, C6, F2, F3, F5 to G3, I4, I5, J5)
Electric Guitar – Martin Barre (tracks: A4, A6, C1 to C6, D2 to D5, E1, E2b to G1, G3 to G5, H6, H8, I1 to J5), Mick Abrahams (tracks: A1, A2, A5, D6, D8)
Flute – Ian Anderson (tracks: A1 to B1, B3, B5, C1, C4, D1, D3 to D6, E1, E2b to F1, F3 to G5, H2, H5, H6, H8, I1 to I3, J1 to J5)
Guitar – Martin Barre (tracks: B6, D1, H9)
Keyboards – David Palmer (2) (tracks: B3, C4, D3, E3), Don Airey (tracks: H3, I1, I2, J3, J4), Ian Anderson (tracks: C1 to C3, C6, G3), John Evan (tracks: B3, C7, D1 to D4, D7, E1, E2b to F1, F4, G4, G5, H6, H8, H9, I3, J1, J2), Peter Vettese* (tracks: B5, B6, C1, F2, F3, F5, I4, I5, J5)
Mandolin – Dave Pegg (tracks: B5, G2, H4), Ian Anderson (tracks: A2, A3, F3, G4)
Producer – Ian Anderson, Terry Ellis (tracks: D5, D6, H2, I3, J1)
Recorded By – Trevor White (tracks: H3, H4, I1, J4)
Vocals – Ian Anderson (tracks: A1 to A3, A5 to B6, C1 to C7, D2, D4, D5, D7 to J5)
Whistle – Ian Anderson (tracks: D2, E2c, G1, G2, G4)
Written-By – Ian Anderson (tracks: A1 to A3, A6 to B6, C1 to C3, C5 to D2, D4, D5, D7, E1 to J5)

Track A1 to A6 recorded live for BBC Radio 1968/69 and broadcast on the Top Gear and Saturday Club programmes.
Track B1, B2 & B4 recorded by the Maison Rouge Mobile at Radio Monte Carlo in April 1975 for BBC Radio.
Track B3 recorded live for BBC Radio in February 1977 for the Sight'n'Sound programme.
Track B5, B6, I4, I5 & J5 recorded live on April 8th 1982 at Hamburg Congress Centrum Halle.
Track C1 to C3, C6, F2, F5 & G3 recorded 1981 at Maison Rouge Studio, London.
Track C4 recorded 1986 at the Manor Studio, Oxfordshire. Produced for UK Channel 4 TV historical series "The Blood Of The British".
Track C5 recorded 1975 by the Maison Rouge Mobile at Radio Monte Carlo.
Track C7 & D1 recorded 1974 at Morgan Studio 2, London.
Track D2 recorded 1976 at Ridge Farm Studio, Surrey.
Track D3 & H6 recorded at Maison Rouge Studio, London.
Track D4 recorded 1978 at Maison Rouge Studio, London.
Track D5 & J1 recorded at Morgan Studios, London.
Track D6 recorded at Sound Techniques Studio, Chelsea.
Track D7 & D8 originally recorded 1967 by the John Evan Band.
Track E1 recorded 1970 at Island Studios, London.
Track E2a to E2c recorded 1972 at Chateau D'Herouville, Paris.
Track E3 recorded 1977 at Maison Rouge Studio, London.
Track E4 recorded 1979 at Maison Rouge Studio, London.
Track F1 recorded circa 1974.
Track F3 recorded 1982 at Maison Rouge Studios, London.
Track F4 & G5 recorded circa 1978 at Maison Rouge Studio, London.
Track G1 recorded March 1988 at home.
Track G2 originally recorded 1981 at Maison Rouge Studio, London. Ian's vocals, flute and whistles added April 1988 at home.
Track G4 recorded circa 1979 at Maison Rouge Studio, London.
Track G6 recorded 1984 at home.
Track H3, H4, I1 & J4 recorded live 29th September 1987 at Hammersmith Odeon.
Track H5 recorded 1975.
Track H8 recorded 1971 at Sound Techniques Studio, Chelsea.
Track I2 & J3 recorded live November 1987 at the Tower Theatre, Philadelphia.

Track E1 to E2c, E4, F2, G2 to G5, H6 mixed April 1988.

Track B7 is not credited in the booklet.

Includes a 24-page 11" square booklet.