9 Dead Alive


Album: 9 Dead Alive Artist: Rodrigo Y Gabriela
Label: ATO; Rubyworks Catalog: 0882199111
Year: 2014 Genre: Jazz
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The duo met in Mexico City while playing in a thrash metal band called "Tierra Ácida". Growing frustrated with the limited scope of the domestic music scene, they moved to Europe, where they met considerable acclaim.

They took up residence in Dublin, Ireland, after hearing it was particularly welcoming to travelling musicians. Playing live gigs in various pubs and busking on Grafton Street and Temple Bar allowed them to practice their sound. They received their break when Damien Rice approached them to provide the support for the Irish music festival Oxegen. In 2005 they toured extensively in festivals around the United Kingdom and beyond.

The duo has released six albums - Foc, re-Foc, Live in Manchester and Dublin, the self-titled album Rodrigo y Gabriela, Live in Japan and 11:11.

The Soundmaker 4:52
Torito 5:03
Sunday Neurosis 5:16
Misty Moses 4:38
Somnium 3:43
Fram 4:30
Megalopolis 5:00
The Russian Messenger 4:52
La Salle Des Pas Perdus 3:02