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Album: About Us Artist: Stories
Label: Kama Sutra Catalog:
Year: 1973 Genre: Pop
Medium: Vinyl Grade:
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Title Artist Length
Darling 514736Stories 2:38
Don't Ever Let Me Down 514736Stories 2:16
Love Is In Motion 514736Stories 3:14
Hey France 514736Stories 2:50
Please, Please 514736Stories 4:55
Changes Have Begun 514736Stories 3:30
Circles 514736Stories 1:34
Believe Me 514736Stories 3:31
Words 514736Stories 2:21
Top Of The City 514736Stories 2:58
Down Time Blooze 514736Stories 1:18
What Comes After 514736Stories 2:00
Brother Louie 514736Stories 3:55


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Keywords: Rock; Classic Rock Loaned:
Rating: ID: 255
Date Created: 2013-02-21 Date Modified: 2014-02-17
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Gatefold sleeve opens vertically.

Recorded October 1972-January 1973
At Olympic Studios, London and Bell Sound Studios, New York