Album: Aftershock Artist: Motörhead
Label: UDR; Motörhead Music Catalog: UDR 0188 LP
Year: 2014 Genre: Rock
Medium: Vinyl Grade: Unopened
Value: $50 Sell:


Title Artist Length
Heartbreaker Motörhead 3:05
Coup De Grace Motörhead 3:45
Lost Woman Blues Motörhead 4:09
End Of Time Motörhead 3:17
Do You Believe Motörhead 2:59
Death Machine Motörhead 2:37
Dust And Glass Motörhead 2:51
Going To Mexico Motörhead 2:51
Silence When You Speak To Me Motörhead 4:30
Crying Shame Motörhead 4:28
Queen Of The Damned Motörhead 2:41
Knife Motörhead 2:57
Keep Your Powder Dry Motörhead 3:54
Paralyzed Motörhead 2:50


Purchase Date: 19 Apr 2014 (RSD) Purchase Price: $19.98
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Keywords: Bayou Funk; Soul; RSD Loaned:
Rating: ID: 1891
Date Created: 2014-04-19 Date Modified: 2014-04-19
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Limited to 4500 hand numbered copies - Picture Disc
I have No. 290 (the 9 looks like a "g")
This special edition is for the Record Store Day 2014

(about $103.58)
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