Album: Aja Artist: Steely Dan
Label: ABC Records Catalog: AA 1006
Year: 1977 Genre: Rock
Medium: Vinyl Grade: NM
Value: $20 Sell:


Title Artist Length
Black Cow 160906Steely Dan 5:07
Aja 160906Steely Dan 7:56
Deacon Blues 160906Steely Dan 7:26
Peg 160906Steely Dan 3:58
Home At Last 160906Steely Dan 5:31
I Got The News 160906Steely Dan 5:03
Josie 160906Steely Dan 4:30


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Keywords: Soft Rock; Jazz-Rock Loaned:
Rating: ID: 247
Date Created: 2013-02-21 Date Modified: 2014-02-17
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1st pressings came in a glossy gatefold cover. Labels have a gloss finish (non-matte) with yellow target design, later copies do not have this label finish. LP housed in a gloss lyric sleeve.

MINT 1st edition