Alive II


Album: Alive II Artist: Kiss
Label: Casablanca Records Catalog:
Year: 1977 Genre: Rock
Medium: Vinyl Grade:
Value: Sell:


Title Artist Length
Hotel California 153073Kiss 6:30
New Kid In Town 153073Kiss 5:04
Life In The Fast Lane 153073Kiss 4:46
Wasted Time 153073Kiss 4:55
Calling Dr. Love 153073Kiss 3:15
Christine Sixteen 153073Kiss 2:45
Shock Me 153073Kiss 4:30
Hard Luck Woman 153073Kiss 3:00
Tomorrow And Tonight 153073Kiss 3:30
I Stole Your Love 153073Kiss 3:25
Beth 153073Kiss 2:20
God Of Thunder 153073Kiss 5:10
I Want You 153073Kiss 4:20
Shout It Out Loud 153073Kiss 3:21
All American Man 153073Kiss 3:12
Rockin' In The USA 153073Kiss 2:35
Larger Than Life 153073Kiss 3:58
Rocket Ride 153073Kiss 4:08
Any Way You Want It 153073Kiss 2:33


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The A side label states these songs

A1 Detroit Rock City
A2 King of the Night, Time World
A3 Ladies Room
A4 Makin' Love
A5 Love Gun

however the tracks pressed on the A side belong to the A side of the Eagles Album Hotel California as listed below.

A1 Hotel California
A2 New Kid In Town
A3 Life In The Fast Lane
A4 Wasted Time

It must be noted there is no mention of this error until you play the A side, the matrix number stamped on the dead wax area 6E-103A and "Is It 6 O'Clock Yet?" is the only clue that this is the incorrect A side.
Will only become evident when played.