Album: Archives Artist: Rush
Label: Mercury Catalog:
Year: 1978 Genre: Rock
Medium: Vinyl Grade:
Value: Sell:


Title Artist Length
Finding My Way 61800Rush 5:03
Need Some Love 61800Rush 2:16
Take A Friend 61800Rush 4:27
Home Again 61800Rush 7:30
What You're Doing 61800Rush 4:19
In The Mood 61800Rush 3:36
Before And After 61800Rush 5:53
Working Man 61800Rush 7:07
Anthem 61800Rush 4:10
Best I Can 61800Rush 3:24
Beneath, Between And Behind 61800Rush 3:00
By-Tor And The Snow Dog 61800Rush 8:57
At The Tobes Of Hades 61800Rush
Across The Styx 61800Rush
Of The Battle 61800Rush
Epilogue 61800Rush
- 61800Rush
Fly By Night 61800Rush 3:20
Making Memories 61800Rush 2:56
Rivendell 61800Rush 5:00
In The End 61800Rush 6:51
Bastille Day 61800Rush 4:36
I Think I'm Going Bald 61800Rush 3:35
Lakeside Park 61800Rush 4:07
Necromancer, The 61800Rush
Into Darkness 61800Rush 4:20
Under The Shadow 61800Rush 4:25
Return Of The Prince 61800Rush 3:51
Fountain Of Lamneth 61800Rush
In The Valley 61800Rush 4:17
Didacts And Narpets 61800Rush 1:00
No One At The Bridge 61800Rush 4:15
Panacea 61800Rush 3:12
Bacchus Plateau 61800Rush 3:12
Fountain, The 61800Rush 3:48


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Rating: ID: 241
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Consists of the first three Rush albums 'Rush', 'Fly By Night' & 'Caress Of Steel'

Rush recorded in Toronto, Canada, 1973, released in North America August 1974
Fly By Night recorded in Toronto, Canada, 1975, released in North America February 1975
Caress Of Steel recorded in Toronto, Canada, 1975, released in North America September 1975

Later pressings featured Black labels with newer Mercury logo
They also used clear plastic inner sleeves that frequently left marks on the vinyl.
(see uploaded pic for black label sample) ~ _) (V) (-) NO MARKS