At Home And Abroad


Album: At Home And Abroad Artist: The Belafonte Folk Singers
Label: RCA Catalog: LPM-2309
Year: 1961 Genre: Folk, World, & Country
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Track Title Time
A1 Muleskinner Blues # (solo: Roy Thompson) 2:20
A2 Poor Boy # (solo: Bob Harter) 3:12
A3 Les Raftsmen # 2:03
A4 Shenandoah # 3:10
A5 In That New Jerusalem # 2:18
A6 Didn't It Rain # (solo: Ned Wright) 3:02
B1 Little Big Horn # 2:09
B2 I Ride An Old Paint # 3:35
B3 Mi Caballo Blanco # (solo: Roy Thompson) 3:32
B4 Sano Duso # (solo: Roy Thompson) 2:55
B5 Tunga (solo: Joli Gonsalves) 2:02
B6 Cock Robin # 4:30

Recorded 1961 in Webster Hall, New York.
Conducted by Robert DeCormier.
Recording Engineers: Bob Simpson and Ray Hall.