Back To The Roots


Album: Back To The Roots Artist: John Mayall
Label: Polydor Catalog:
Year: 1971 Genre: Blues
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Title Artist Length
Prisons On The Road John Mayall 4:16
My Children John Mayall 5:08
Accidental Suicide John Mayall 6:15
Groupie Girl John Mayall 3:52
Blue Fox John Mayall 3:41
Home Again John Mayall 4:55
Television Eye John Mayall 7:31
Marriage Madness John Mayall 3:34
Looking At Tomorrow John Mayall 6:53
Dream With Me John Mayall 5:19
Full Speed Ahead John Mayall 5:20
Mr. Censor Man John Mayall 4:42
Force Of Nature John Mayall 6:32
Boogie Albert John Mayall 2:16
Goodbye December John Mayall 5:23
Unanswered Questions John Mayall 4:40
Devil's Tricks John Mayall 7:45
Travelling John Mayall 4:38


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Gatefold cover.
Includes a 24-page, full-size booklet with info about artists and lyrics. (don't have that)

Recorded at Larrabee Studios, Los Angeles, California & IBC Studios, London, England between November 15 & 25, 1970.