Bad Girls


Album: Bad Girls Artist: Donna Summer
Label: Casablanca Records Catalog:
Year: 1979 Genre: Pop
Medium: Vinyl Grade: EX
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Title Artist Length
Hot Stuff 6270Donna Summer 5:13
Bad Girls 6270Donna Summer 4:57
Love Will Always Find You 6270Donna Summer 4:01
Walk Away 6270Donna Summer 4:17
Dim All The Lights 6270Donna Summer 4:40
Journey To The Centre Of Your Heart 6270Donna Summer 4:37
One Night In A Lifetime 6270Donna Summer 4:13
Can't Get To Sleep At Night 6270Donna Summer 4:45
On My Honor 6270Donna Summer 3:32
There Will Always Be A You 6270Donna Summer 4:58
All Through The Night 6270Donna Summer 5:54
My Baby Understands 6270Donna Summer 3:56
Our Love 6270Donna Summer 4:54
Lucky 6270Donna Summer 4:37
Sunset People 6270Donna Summer 6:28


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Keywords: Disco; Dance Loaned:
Rating: ID: 932
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Recorded and mixed at Rusk Sound Studios, Los Angeles
Mastered by Brian Gardner at Alan Zentz Studios, Los Angeles.
"My Baby Understands" Recorded at Music Grinder Studios, Los Angeles.
Mixed at Rusk Studios, Los Angeles.

Record sides are labeled:
Side 1, Side 2, Side 3, Side 4.
Record 1 contains Side 1 / Side 4.
Record 2 contains Side 2 / Side 3.
(track listing: Side 1=A, Side 2=B , Side 3=C, Side 4=D)