Bella Donna


Album: Bella Donna Artist: Stevie Nicks
Label: EMI; Modern Records; EMI Catalog:
Year: 1990 Genre: Rock
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Title Artist Length
Bella Donna 13735Stevie Nicks 5:18
Kind Of Woman 13735Stevie Nicks 3:08
Stop Draggin' My Heart Around 13735Stevie Nicks 4:02
Think About It (For Christine) 13735Stevie Nicks 3:33
After The Glitter Fades 13735Stevie Nicks 3:27
Edge Of Seventeen 13735Stevie Nicks 5:28
How Still My Love 13735Stevie Nicks 3:51
Leather And Lace (Written For Waylon Jennings And Jessi Colter) 13735Stevie Nicks 3:55
Outside The Rain 13735Stevie Nicks 4:17
Highwayman, The 13735Stevie Nicks 4:49


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Keywords: Pop Rock; Folk Rock Loaned:
Rating: ID: 265
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