Best Of Bread, The


Album: Best Of Bread, The Artist: Bread
Label: Elektra Catalog:
Year: 1973 Genre: Rock
Medium: Vinyl Grade:
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Title Artist Length
Make It With You 303471Bread 3:15
Everything I Own 303471Bread 3:06
Diary 303471Bread 3:05
Baby I'm-A Want You 303471Bread 2:25
It Don't Matter To Me 303471Bread 2:41
If 303471Bread 2:33
Mother Freedom 303471Bread 2:35
Down On My Knees 303471Bread 2:44
Too Much Love 303471Bread 2:45
Let Your Love Go 303471Bread 2:25
Look What You've Done 303471Bread 3:10
Truckin' 303471Bread 2:31


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