Big World


Album: Big World Artist: Joe Jackson
Label: A&M Records Catalog: A&M SP6021
Year: 1986 Genre: Rock
Medium: Vinyl Grade: NM
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Title Artist Length
Wild West Joe Jackson 4:36
Right And Wrong Joe Jackson 4:35
(It's A) Big World Joe Jackson 4:43
Precious Time Joe Jackson 3:23
Tonight And Forever Joe Jackson 2:29
Shanghai Sky Joe Jackson 5:10
Fifty Dollar Love Affair Joe Jackson 3:33
We Can't Live Together Joe Jackson 5:27
Forty Years Joe Jackson 4:33
Survival Joe Jackson 2:19
Soul Kiss Joe Jackson 4:43
Jet Set, The Joe Jackson 3:50
Tango Atlantico Joe Jackson 2:58
Home Town Joe Jackson 3:11
Man In The Street Joe Jackson 5:03


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This is a record and a half. Nothing is recorded on side D.

SP6021 on cover and spine
SP-6021 on labels

Released with a printed inner fold-out with lyrics and credits in multiple languages