Black Market Clash


Album: Black Market Clash Artist: The Clash
Label: Epic; Nu Disk Catalog: 4E 36846
Year: 1980 Genre: Rock
Medium: Vinyl Grade: NM-
Value: $25 Sell:


Title Artist Length
Capital Radio One The Clash 2:09
The Prisoner The Clash 3:00
Pressure Drop The Clash 3:30
Cheat The Clash 2:06
City Of The Dead The Clash 2:26
Time Is Tight The Clash 4:05
Bankrobber / Robber Dub The Clash 6:16
Armagideon Time The Clash 3:50
Justice Tonight / Kick It Over The Clash 7:00


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Keywords: Dub; Punk; Reggae Loaned:
Rating: 4 stars ID: 1601
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Slightly different Label design to this version.
This one reads (on the labels): "Epic" is a trademark of CBS Inc. / Marca Reg.

© 1980 CBS Records / ℗ 1977, 1978, 1979, 1980 CBS Records / Manufactured by Epic Records / CBS Inc.

A1, A4, A5 recorded 1977
A2 recorded 1978
A3 recorded 1979
A6 to B3 recorded 1980

[Barnacle credit on "Time Is Tight" according to the book "Redemption Song" by Chris Salewicz, page 203]