Blues And Ragtime


Album: Blues And Ragtime Artist: Eubie Blake
Label: Biograph Records Catalog: BLP-1011Q
Year: 1973 Genre: Blues
Medium: Vinyl Grade: NM-
Value: $20 Sell:


Title Artist Length
Charleston Rag 1917 758216Eubie Blake 2:51
Somebody's Done Me Wronge 1918 758216Eubie Blake 2:52
Goodnight Angeline 1918 758216Eubie Blake 3:55
Schubert (sic) Gaieties Of !919 758216Eubie Blake 7:08
Gee,I Wish I Had Someone To Rock Me 1919 758216Eubie Blake 1:53
Broadway Blue 1921 758216Eubie Blake 3:55
Crazy Blues 1921 758216Eubie Blake 3:05
Strut Miss Lizzie 1921 758216Eubie Blake 2:49
Home Again Blues 1921 758216Eubie Blake 2:53
It's Right Here For You 1921 758216Eubie Blake 2:32
Fare Thee Honey Blues 1921 758216Eubie Blake 3:42


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The rolls on this LP were recorded on a 1910 Steinway 65/88 note player on July 8, 1972, in Detroit. Tempos were approved by Eubie Blake on May 6, 1972.

Rear cover reads "Blues and Ragtime". Front cover and spine reads "Blues & Rags".