Album: Borderline Artist: Ry Cooder
Label: Warner Bros. Records Catalog: BSK 3489
Year: 1980 Genre: Blues
Medium: Vinyl Grade: EX
Value: $10 Sell:


Title Artist Length
634-5789 55080Ry Cooder 2:56
Speedo 55080Ry Cooder 3:20
Why Don't You Try Me 55080Ry Cooder 4:54
Down In The Boondocks 55080Ry Cooder 3:21
Johnny Porter 55080Ry Cooder 5:21
The Way We Make A Broken Heart 55080Ry Cooder 4:28
Crazy 'Bout An Automobile 55080Ry Cooder 5:03
The Girls From Texas 55080Ry Cooder 4:40
Borderline 55080Ry Cooder 3:19
Never Make Your Move Too Soon 55080Ry Cooder 6:08


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