Breakfast In America


Album: Breakfast In America Artist: Supertramp
Label: A&M Records Catalog:
Year: 1979 Genre: Rock
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Title Artist Length
Gone Hollywood 251517Supertramp 5:15
Logical Song, The 251517Supertramp 4:12
Goodbye Stranger 251517Supertramp 5:44
Breakfast In America 251517Supertramp 2:40
Oh Darling 251517Supertramp 4:10
Take The Long Way Home 251517Supertramp 5:09
Lord Is It Mine 251517Supertramp 4:03
Just Another Nervous Wreck 251517Supertramp 4:32
Casual Conversations 251517Supertramp 2:53
Child Of Vision 251517Supertramp 7:12


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Keywords: Art Rock; Pop Rock; Classic Rock Loaned:
Rating: ID: 208
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Rehearsed at Southcombe Studios, Burbank.
Recorded at the Village Recorder, Los Angeles.
Mixed at Crystal Sound's Studio 'B', Los Angeles.
Engineered by Peter Henderson of Air London.

All songs © 1979 Almo Music Corp. and Delicate Music (ASCAP)

©℗ 1979 A&M Records, Inc.