Chicago VI


Album: Chicago VI Artist: Chicago
Label: Columbia Records Catalog: KC 32400
Year: 1973 Genre: Rock
Medium: Vinyl Grade: NM
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Title Artist Length
Critics' Choice 114483Chicago (2) 2:50
Just You 'N' Me 114483Chicago (2) 3:46
Darlin' Dear 114483Chicago (2) 2:59
Jenny 114483Chicago (2) 3:34
What's This World Comin' To 114483Chicago (2) 5:04
Something In This City Changes People 114483Chicago (2) 3:44
Hollywood 114483Chicago (2) 3:55
In Terms Of Two 114483Chicago (2) 3:30
Rediscovery 114483Chicago (2) 4:52
Feelin' Stronger Every Day 114483Chicago (2) 4:16


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Recorded At Caribou Ranch. Artwork on gatefold cover produced by "American Bank Note Company" with Silk Screened raised ink.

Includes an inner sleeve with 19th Century artwork.