Album: Commodores Artist: Commodores
Label: Motown Catalog: M7-884R1
Year: 1977 Genre: Funk / Soul
Medium: Vinyl Grade: EX
Value: $15 Sell:


Title Artist Length
Squeeze The Fruit 38563Commodores 2:58
Funny Feelings 38563Commodores 4:50
Heaven Knows 38563Commodores 4:48
Zoom 38563Commodores 6:43
Won't You Come Dance With Me 38563Commodores 3:49
Brick House 38563Commodores 3:28
Funky Situation 38563Commodores 3:44
Patch It Up 38563Commodores 3:59
Easy 38563Commodores 4:14


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Rating: ID: 1984
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Recorded, mixed and mastered at Motown Recording Studios, Hollywood, CA
“This album is dedicated to Kathy Faye”
℗ 1977 Motown Record Corporation. © 1977 Motown Record Corporation
Printed in U.S.A.