Copeland Special


Album: Copeland Special Artist: Johnny Copeland
Label: Rounder Records Catalog: 2025
Year: 1981 Genre: Blues
Medium: Vinyl Grade: NM-
Value: $18 Sell:
Important: Yes


Purchase Date: 3 Aug 14 Purchase Price: $1.00
Purchased From: Charlton Flea Gift:
Keywords: Loaned:
Rating: ID: 2081
Date Created: 2014-08-03 Date Modified: 2014-08-03
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A1 Claim Jumper
A2 I Wish I Was Single
A3 Everybody Wants A Piece Of Me
A4 Copeland Special
A5 ItĀ“s My Own Tears
B1 Third Party
B2 Big Time
B3 Down On Bended Knee
B4 Done Got Over It
B5 St. Louis Blues

Blues album of the year 1981