Crime Of The Century


Album: Crime Of The Century Artist: Supertramp
Label: Fabrique/A&M Catalog:
Year: 1978 Genre: Rock
Medium: Vinyl Grade:
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Title Artist Length
School 251517Supertramp 5:35
Bloody Well Right 251517Supertramp 4:26
Hide In Your Shell 251517Supertramp 6:52
Asylum 251517Supertramp 6:30
Dreamer 251517Supertramp 3:33
Rudy 251517Supertramp 7:18
If Everyone Was Listening 251517Supertramp 4:01
Crime Of The Century 251517Supertramp 5:30


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Recorded at Trident, Ramport Studios and Scorpio Sound, London between February and June, 1974.

Audiophile Series from Canada. SPJ 3647

Half-Speed Mastered. Pressed in Japan. It was the first Audiophile Series release of A&M of Canada.

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