Crossroads - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack


Album: Crossroads - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack Artist: Ry Cooder
Label: Warner Bros. Records; WEA Records (New Zealand) Catalog:
Year: 1986 Genre: Blues
Medium: Vinyl Grade: EX
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Title Artist Length
Crossroads 55080Ry Cooder
Down In Mississippi 55080Ry Cooder
Cotton Needs Pickin' 55080Ry Cooder
Viola Lee Blues 55080Ry Cooder
See You In Hell, Blind Boy 55080Ry Cooder
Nitty Gritty Mississippi 55080Ry Cooder
He Made A Woman Out Of Me 55080Ry Cooder
Feelin' Bad Blues 55080Ry Cooder
Somebody's Callin' My Name 55080Ry Cooder
Willie Brown Blues 55080Ry Cooder
Walkin' Away Blues 55080Ry Cooder


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Barcode 07599253991
replaced original clear sleeve with new plastic sleeve