Darin At The Copa


Album: Darin At The Copa Artist: Bobby Darin
Label: ATCO Records Catalog: 33-122
Year: 1960 Genre: Pop
Medium: Vinyl Grade: VG+
Value: $10 Sell:


Title Artist Length
Medley :48822Bobby Darin 2:21
Swing Low Sweet Chariot 48822Bobby Darin
Lonesome Road 48822Bobby Darin
- 48822Bobby Darin
Some Of These Days 48822Bobby Darin 2:43
Mack The Knife 48822Bobby Darin 3:18
Love For Sale 48822Bobby Darin 3:12
Clementine 48822Bobby Darin 3:23
You'd Be So Nice To Come Home To 48822Bobby Darin 2:19
Dream Lover 48822Bobby Darin 2:34
Bill Bailey 48822Bobby Darin 2:03
I Have Dreamed 48822Bobby Darin 4:58
I Can't Give You Anything But Love 48822Bobby Darin 1:28
Alright, O.K., You Win 48822Bobby Darin 4:19
Medley :48822Bobby Darin 3:34
By Myself 48822Bobby Darin
When Your Lover Has Gone 48822Bobby Darin
- 48822Bobby Darin
I Got A Woman 48822Bobby Darin 4:13
That's All 48822Bobby Darin 2:26


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Rating: ID: 1673
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Atco Records gratefully acknowledges the cooperation of the management and staff of the Copacabana.

This is a high fidelity recording. Transfer from master tapes to master lacquers is made on Ampex 300 Tape Recorder, Scully Variable Pitch Lathe, and Grampion Feedback cutterhead. The variable pitch control of the Scully widens the grooves for loud passages and narrows them during quieter sections, forming the light and dark patterns that can be seen on the surface of the pressings. The finest vinylite compound is used. For best results observe the R.I.A.A. high frequency roll-off characteristic with a 500 cycle crossover.

Distributed in Canada by London Records of Canada Ltd.