Doors, The


Album: Doors, The Artist: The Doors
Label: Elektra Catalog:
Year: 1971 Genre: Rock
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Title Artist Length
Break On Through (To The Other Side) 56798Doors, The 2:25
Soul Kitchen 56798Doors, The 3:30
Crystal Ship, The 56798Doors, The 2:30
Twentieth Century Fox 56798Doors, The 2:30
Alabama Song (Whisky Bar) 56798Doors, The 3:15
Light My Fire 56798Doors, The 6:50
Back Door Man 56798Doors, The 3:30
I Looked At You 56798Doors, The 2:18
End Of The Night 56798Doors, The 2:49
Take It As It Comes 56798Doors, The 2:13
End, The 56798Doors, The 11:35


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Rating: ID: 141
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Repress with butterfly vinyl label and RIAA Gold Record Award on vinyl jacket. Full copies include Elektra company sleeve.

Runout grooves:
EKS-74007 A-1B
EKS-74007 B-1D