Double Vision


Album: Double Vision Artist: Foreigner
Label: Atlantic Catalog:
Year: 1978 Genre: Rock
Medium: Vinyl Grade:
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Title Artist Length
Hot Blooded 174890Foreigner 4:20
Blue Morning, Blue Day 174890Foreigner 3:06
You're All I Am 174890Foreigner 3:19
Back Where You Belong 174890Foreigner 3:20
Love Has Taken Its Toll 174890Foreigner 3:25
Double Vision 174890Foreigner 3:40
Tramontane 174890Foreigner 3:52
I Have Waited So Long 174890Foreigner 4:04
Lonely Children 174890Foreigner 3:31
Spellbinder 174890Foreigner 4:43


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Rating: ID: 56
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1st Pressing (1978): Mostly brown cover with the words "Double Vision" below the band photo at bottom of of the cover.
2nd Pressing (1978): Blue tint to photo and "Double Vision" below the band name which is blue. Has "<3 Pogo" scratched into the inner circle wax.
3rd Pressing (1979): Purple tint to photo and "Double Vision" below the band name which is purple.

Mastered at Sterling Sound
℗©1978 Atlantic Recording Corporation.