Duane & Greg Allman


Album: Duane & Greg Allman Artist: Duane Allman; Gregg Allman
Label: Bold Records Catalog:
Year: 1972 Genre: Rock
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Title Artist Length
Morning Dew 255370Duane Allman& 3:45
God Rest His Soul 255370Duane Allman& 3:55
Nobody Knows You When You're Down And Out 255370Duane Allman& 4:32
Come Down And Get Me 255370Duane Allman& 3:40
Melissa 255370Duane Allman& 3:15
I'll Change For You 255370Duane Allman& 2:57
Back Down Home With You 255370Duane Allman& 2:25
Well I Know Too Well 255370Duane Allman& 2:15
In The Morning When I'm Real 255370Duane Allman& 2:40


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Keywords: Blues Rock; Southern Rock; Classic Rock; Uncle Mike Loaned:
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Unreleased Demo Recordings for The Band "31st Of February", On Which Gregg and Duane Played As Studio Musicians. Sessions Recorded In September, 1968. Includes An Early Version of "Melissa"

Recorded at TK Studios in Hialeah, FL.