For The First Time Anywhere


Album: For The First Time Anywhere Artist: Buddy Holly
Label: MCA Records Catalog:
Year: 1983 Genre: Rock
Medium: Vinyl Grade:
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Title Artist Length
Rock-A-Bye Rock 272426Buddy Holly 2:21
Maybe Baby (1st Version) 272426Buddy Holly 1:52
Because I Love You 272426Buddy Holly 2:36
I'm Gonna Set My Foot Down 272426Buddy Holly 2:18
Changing All Those Changes 272426Buddy Holly 1:39
That's My Desire 272426Buddy Holly 2:22
Baby Won't You Come Out Tonight 272426Buddy Holly 1:51
It's Not My Fault 272426Buddy Holly 1:48
Brown-Eyed Handsome Man 272426Buddy Holly 2:02
Bo Diddley 272426Buddy Holly 2:18


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Rating: ID: 1000
Date Created: 2013-07-12 Date Modified: 2014-02-17
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Compiled And Annotated By Steve Hoffman
All selections previously unreleased in this form.
Transferred from the original 1955-1958 Master Tapes.

Special thanks to Norman Petty, Bill Griggs, and John Levin for their valuable help regarding this release

Album cover missing top-left corner. Who DOES this to their records? Looks chewed off.