How Will The Wolf Survive?


Album: How Will The Wolf Survive? Artist: Los Lobos
Label: Slash Catalog:
Year: 1984 Genre: Rock
Medium: Vinyl Grade: NM-
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Title Artist Length
Don't Worry Baby 173717Los Lobos 2:43
A Matter Of Time 173717Los Lobos 3:55
Corrido #1 173717Los Lobos 2:42
Our Last Night 173717Los Lobos 3:08
Breakdown, The 173717Los Lobos 4:12
I Got Loaded 173717Los Lobos 3:20
Serenata Norteña 173717Los Lobos 2:53
Evangeline 173717Los Lobos 2:43
I Got To Let You Know 173717Los Lobos 2:35
Lil' King Of Everything 173717Los Lobos 1:18
Will The Wolf Survive? 173717Los Lobos 3:41


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Keywords: Blues Rock; Latin Loaned:
Rating: ID: 1193
Date Created: 2013-08-11 Date Modified: 2014-02-17
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——Center labels info——
Red "Slash" on white Warner Bros labels

——Sleeve info——
Includes unprinted factory poly inner sleeve