Joan Baez


Album: Joan Baez Artist: Joan Baez
Label: Vanguard Catalog: VRS 9078
Year: 1960 Genre: Folk, World, & Country
Medium: Vinyl Grade: NM-
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Title Artist Length
Silver Dagger 261867Joan Baez 2:30
East Virginia 261867Joan Baez 3:38
Fare Thee Well 261867Joan Baez 3:15
House Of The Rising Sun 261867Joan Baez 2:52
All My Trials 261867Joan Baez 4:36
Wildwood Flower 261867Joan Baez 2:30
Donna Donna 261867Joan Baez 3:09
John Riley 261867Joan Baez 3:50
Rake And Rambling Boy 261867Joan Baez 1:52
Little Moses 261867Joan Baez 3:25
Mary Hamilton 261867Joan Baez 5:54
Henry Martin 261867Joan Baez 4:10
El Preso Numero Nueve 261867Joan Baez 2:47


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Rating: ID: 89
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A1 to A5, A7: Essex.
A6: Southern.
B1 to B6: Vanguard Control.

Track B1 appears on vinyl label as: John Riley (Ricky Neff)
Track A5 appears on vinyl label as: All Of My Trials
Track A3 commonly written as: Fare Thee Well (10,000 Miles)

The track titles that appear on the back of sleeve are used in the tracklisting below.

Vanguard Recording Society Inc., New York.
Pressed by the manufacturers of Asdor radios, radiograms and television.

Vinyl NM!!!!