John Coltrane And Johnny Hartman


Album: John Coltrane And Johnny Hartman Artist: John Coltrane; Johnny Hartman
Label: MCA Records Catalog:
Year: 1963 Genre: Jazz
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Title Artist Length
They Say It's Wonderful John Coltrane; Johnny Hartman 5:15
Dedicated To You John Coltrane; Johnny Hartman 5:27
My One And Only Love John Coltrane; Johnny Hartman 4:50
Lush Life John Coltrane; Johnny Hartman 5:20
You Are Too Beautiful John Coltrane; Johnny Hartman 5:32
Autumn Serenade John Coltrane; Johnny Hartman 4:11


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MCA Records A-40 The album design looks like impulse!. Recorded March 7, 1963
I found it at Lancaster Flea market with Danny on 11 aug 2013 for $5 at the EMT's booth. Wicked. Different cover, mine has a plain, empty white circle.

This version 1980 release, no barcode.

The Band:
John Coltrane – tenor sax;
Jimmy Garrison – double bass;
Johnny Hartman - vocals
Elvin Jones – drums;
McCoy Tyner – piano;

[from wikipedia]
However, Thiele encouraged Hartman to go see Coltrane perform at Birdland in New York to see if something could be worked out. Hartman did so, and after the club closed he, Coltrane and Coltrane's pianist, McCoy Tyner, went over some songs together. On March 7, 1963, Coltrane and Hartman had decided on 10 songs for the record album, but en route to the studio they heard Nat King Cole on the radio performing "Lush Life", and Hartman immediately decided that song had to be included in their album. The legendary compilation was made that same day at the Van Gelder Studio in Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey. Hartman once said that each song was done in only one take, except for "You Are Too Beautiful", which required two takes because Elvin Jones dropped one of his drumsticks during the first take.

Produced by Bob Thiele, the album became an instant jazz classic, and the renditions of "Lush Life", "My One and Only Love", and "They Say It's Wonderful" are considered definitive.