Album: Kick Artist: INXS
Label: Atlantic; Atlantic Catalog: 81796-1
Year: 1987 Genre: Rock
Medium: Vinyl Grade: NM
Value: $18 Sell:


Title Artist Length
Guns In The Sky 54650INXS 2:20
New Sensation 54650INXS 3:39
Devil Inside 54650INXS 5:11
Need You Tonight 54650INXS 3:04
Mediate 54650INXS 2:32
Loved One, The 54650INXS 3:25
Wild Life 54650INXS 3:07
Never Tear Us Apart 54650INXS 3:02
Mystify 54650INXS 3:15
Kick 54650INXS 3:13
Calling All Nations 54650INXS 3:00
Tiny Daggers 54650INXS 3:29


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Recorded at Rhinoceros Recordings (Sydney) and Studio De La Grand Armeé (Paris).
Mixed at Air Studios (London).
Manufactured by Atlantic Recording Corp.
Printed in U.S.A.
All songs Published by MCA Music Publishing, a division of MCA, Inc., ASCAP except:
A6 - Published by Woomera Music

(P)(C) 1987 Atlantic Recording Corporation

No barcode, alternate cat number on label: R 153606 81796-1

side 1: R-153606 A-1 1- beneath it RC within the S
side2: R-153606 B-1 1- beneath it RC within the S