Led Zeppelin IV


Album: Led Zeppelin IV Artist: Led Zeppelin
Label: Atlantic Catalog: SD 19129
Year: 1971 Genre: Rock
Medium: Vinyl Grade: NM
Value: $50 Sell:


Title Artist Length
Black Dog Led Zeppelin 4:55
Rock And Roll Led Zeppelin 3:40
Battle Of Evermore, The Led Zeppelin 5:38
Stairway To Heaven Led Zeppelin 7:55
Misty Mountain Hop Led Zeppelin 4:39
Four Sticks Led Zeppelin 4:49
Going To California Led Zeppelin 3:36
When The Levee Breaks Led Zeppelin 7:08


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Rating: ID: 290
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No title or group name appears on cover. This pressing variation was still being released into the mid 1980's.
My copy mint played once, I bought in 1980.