Let It Flow


Album: Let It Flow Artist: Dave Mason
Label: Columbia Records Catalog:
Year: 1977 Genre: Rock
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Title Artist Length
So High (Rock Me Baby And Roll Me Away) 267654Dave Mason 4:07
We Just Disagree 267654Dave Mason 3:00
Mystic Traveler 267654Dave Mason 5:00
Spend Your Life With Me 267654Dave Mason 3:22
Takin' The Time To Find 267654Dave Mason 4:31
Let It Go, Let It Flow 267654Dave Mason 3:15
Then It's Alright 267654Dave Mason 4:14
Seasons 267654Dave Mason 4:50
You Just Have To Wait Now 267654Dave Mason 3:09
What Do We Got Here? 267654Dave Mason 4:21


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Mastered At Mastering Lab, Los Angeles Recorded and Mixed At The Record Plant, Los Angeles