Album: Live Artist: Bloodrock
Label: Capitol Records Catalog: SVBB 11038
Year: 1972 Genre: Rock
Medium: Vinyl Grade: EX
Value: $28 Sell:


Title Artist Length
Castle Of Thoughts 402585Bloodrock 3:16
Breach Of Lease 402585Bloodrock 9:56
Lucky In The Morning 402585Bloodrock 6:01
Kool-Aid-Kids 402585Bloodrock 6:25
D.O.A. 402585Bloodrock 9:46
You Gotta Roll 402585Bloodrock 5:05
Cheater 402585Bloodrock 6:43
Jessica 402585Bloodrock 4:44
Gotta Find A Way 402585Bloodrock 9:56


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Keywords: Hard Rock; Psychedelic Rock Loaned:
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WOOHOO!!! Bloodrock - outta Texas. Big time in the early '70s.

Some album credits:
Bloodrock Primary Artist
Rick Cobb Composer, Drums, Percussion
Ed Grundy Bass, Composer, Vocals
Kenneth Hamann Engineer
Stephen Hill Composer, Keyboards, Vocals
John Hoernle Art Direction
Andy Kent Photography
John Nitzinger Composer
Lee Pickens Composer, Guitar, Vocals
Neal Preston Photography
Jim Rutledge Composer, Remixing, Vocals
Nick Taylor Composer, Guitar, Vocals