Live At Shea Stadium


Album: Live At Shea Stadium Artist: The Clash
Label: Epic; Legacy Catalog: 88697348801; 88697348801
Year: 2008 Genre: Rock
Medium: Vinyl Grade: NM
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Purchase Date: 26 Dec 2014 Purchase Price: $20.99
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Rating: 4 stars ID: 2231
Date Created: 2014-12-27 Date Modified: 2014-12-27
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About town with (wife) after Christmas. Had to stop over at Joe's

A1 Kosmo Vinyl Introduction
A2 London Calling
A3 Police On My Back
A4 The Guns Of Brixton
A5 Tommy Gun
A6 The Magnificent Seven
A7 Armagideon Time
A8 The Magnificent Seven (Return)
B1 Rock The Casbah
B2 Train In Vain
B3 Career Opportunities
B4 Spanish Bombs
B5 Clampdown
B6 English Civil War
B7 Should I Stay Or Should I Go
B8 I Fought The Law