Maggot Brain


Album: Maggot Brain Artist: Funkadelic
Label: Westbound Records Catalog: SEW 002
Year: 1971 Genre: Funk / Soul
Medium: Vinyl Grade: NM+
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Important: Yes


Title Artist Length
Maggot Brain 29923Funkadelic 10:18
Super Stupid 29923Funkadelic 03:56
Can You Get To That 29923Funkadelic 02:49
Back In Our Minds 29923Funkadelic 02:37
Hit It And Quit It 29923Funkadelic 03:48
Wars Of Armageddon 29923Funkadelic 09:42
You And Your Folks,Me And My Folks 29923Funkadelic 03:35


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1971 Nine Records Inc
Westbound Records 48-50 Steele Road, London NW10 7AS
Direct Metal Mastered from digital tapes. Made in West Germany
1990 reissue?