Moving Pictures


Album: Moving Pictures Artist: Rush
Label: Mercury Catalog:
Year: 1981 Genre: Rock
Medium: Vinyl Grade:
Value: Sell:


Title Artist Length
Tom Sawyer 61800Rush 4:33
Red Barchetta 61800Rush 6:07
YYZ 61800Rush 4:23
Limelight 61800Rush 4:18
Camera Eye, The 61800Rush 10:55
Witch Hunt (Part III Of 'Fear') 61800Rush 4:43
Vital Signs 61800Rush 4:45


Purchase Date: 1983 Purchase Price:
Purchased From: Gift:
Keywords: Hard Rock; Prog Rock Loaned:
Rating: ID: 242
Date Created: 2013-02-21 Date Modified: 2014-02-17
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Recorded and mixed at Le Studio, Morin Heights, Quebec, during October & November 1980.
Barcode not on original issue. Added some time during 83/84.

original issue - heavy cardboard insert with stuff