My Whole World Ended


Album: My Whole World Ended Artist: David Ruffin
Label: Motown Catalog: MS 685
Year: 1969 Genre: Funk / Soul
Medium: Vinyl Grade: VG+
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Title Artist Length
My Whole World Ended (The Moment You Left Me) 86101David Ruffin 3:15
Pieces Of A Man 86101David Ruffin 2:46
Somebody Stole My Dream 86101David Ruffin 2:57
I've Lost Everything I've Ever Loved 86101David Ruffin 2:55
Everlasting Love 86101David Ruffin 2:58
I've Got To Find Myself A Brand New Baby 86101David Ruffin 2:53
The Double Cross 86101David Ruffin 2:57
Message From Maria 86101David Ruffin 3:25
World Of Darkness 86101David Ruffin 3:55
We'll Have A Good Thing Going On 86101David Ruffin 2:34
My Love Is Growing Stronger 86101David Ruffin 2:39
Flower Child 86101David Ruffin 2:40


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