Night of the Living Dregs


Album: Night of the Living Dregs Artist: Dixie Dregs
Label: Capricorn Records Catalog:
Year: 1978 Genre: Rock
Medium: Vinyl Grade:
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Title Artist Length
Punk Sandwich Dixie Dregs 3:18
Country House Shuffle Dixie Dregs 4:13
Riff Raff, The Dixie Dregs 3:17
Long Slow Distance Dixie Dregs 6:45
Night of the Living Dregs Dixie Dregs 4:21
Bash, The Dixie Dregs 4:28
Leprechaun Promenade Dixie Dregs 3:46
Patchwork Dixie Dregs 4:53


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The album received a Grammy nomination for Best Rock Instrumental Performance.