Perfect Strangers


Album: Perfect Strangers Artist: Deep Purple
Label: Mercury Catalog:
Year: 1984 Genre: Rock
Medium: Vinyl Grade:
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Title Artist Length
Knocking At Your Back Door 170355Deep Purple 7:00
Under The Gun 170355Deep Purple 4:35
Nobody's Home 170355Deep Purple 3:55
Mean Streak 170355Deep Purple 4:20
Perfect Strangers 170355Deep Purple 5:23
A Gypsy's Kiss 170355Deep Purple 4:40
Wasted Sunsets 170355Deep Purple 3:55
Hungry Daze 170355Deep Purple 4:44


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Keywords: Hard Rock Loaned:
Rating: ID: 74
Date Created: 2013-02-17 Date Modified: 2014-02-17
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Photos/lyrics printed on inner sleeve. Recorded at "Horizons", Stowe, Vermont with Le Mobile Studio Mixed at Tennessee Tonstudio, Hamburg, Germany Manufactured & Marketed by Polygram Records