Sounds Of Silence


Album: Sounds Of Silence Artist: Simon & Garfunkel
Label: Columbia Records Catalog:
Year: 1966 Genre: Rock
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Title Artist Length
Sounds Of Silence, The 232157Simon & Garfunkel 3:02
Leaves That Are Green 232157Simon & Garfunkel 2:21
Blessed 232157Simon & Garfunkel 3:14
Kathy's Song 232157Simon & Garfunkel 3:16
Somewhere They Can't Find Me 232157Simon & Garfunkel 2:34
Angie 232157Simon & Garfunkel 2:15
Richard Cory 232157Simon & Garfunkel 2:56
A Most Peculiar Man 232157Simon & Garfunkel 2:29
April Come She Will 232157Simon & Garfunkel 1:49
We've Got A Groovey Thing Goin' 232157Simon & Garfunkel 1:55
I Am A Rock 232157Simon & Garfunkel 2:50


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Title on front in blue lettering.

© 1965 Eclectic Music Co.

On the vinyl label, track A6, "Angie," is credited to "B. Jansch." This is different from other versions, which spells the track as "Anji" and credits it to "D. Graham." See Label Side 1.
The back cover, however, credits "Angie" to Davy Graham.

This stereo version includes Tiger Beat magazine in the group pictures on the back cover. Future versions have the Tiger Beat images airbrushed out.

Red Columbia label with white "360 Sound" lettering.