Speaking In Tongues


Album: Speaking In Tongues Artist: Talking Heads
Label: Sire Catalog:
Year: 1983 Genre: Rock
Medium: Vinyl Grade:
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Title Artist Length
Burning Down The House 22854Talking Heads 4:00
Making Flippy Floppy 22854Talking Heads 4:36
Girlfriend Is Better 22854Talking Heads 4:25
Slippery People 22854Talking Heads 3:30
I Get Wild / Wild Gravity 22854Talking Heads 4:06
Swamp 22854Talking Heads 5:09
Moon Rocks 22854Talking Heads 5:04
Pull Up The Roots 22854Talking Heads 5:08
This Must Be The Place (Naive Melody) 22854Talking Heads 4:56


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Keywords: New Wave; Pop Rock; Funk Loaned:
Rating: ID: 1188
Date Created: 2013-08-11 Date Modified: 2014-02-17
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Basic tracks recorded at Blank Tapes, NY.
Final overdubbing and mixing at Compass Point Studios and Sigma Sound, NY.
Mastered at Sterling Sound, NY.