Stokowski Bizet Symphony in C


Album: Stokowski Bizet Symphony in C Artist: Stokowski
Label: Columbia Masterworks Catalog: M34567
Year: 1978 Genre: Classical
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Title Artist Length
Mendelssohn - Symphony No 4 in A Major "Italian"
Bizet - Symphony in C Major


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The last album he made.

"Stokowski relocated to Hampshire, south of London in 1972. During his last, vigorous recording period 1972-1977, he made records for CBS-Columbia, Decca/London, Desmar, Pye, and RCA. His last record, made for CBS-Columbia with the National Philharmonic was yet another surprise. It coupled the Bizet - Symphony in C major recorded June 4, 1977 with his first commercial recording of a Mendelssohn symphony: the Symphony no 4 in A major "Italian" recorded May 31 and June 2, 4, 1977. Both are vital, energetic recordings, with the "Italian" having a springy step and invigorating reading that makes it surprising that this symphony was not a central part of the large Stokowski repertoire. A fitting final pair for career that is, so far, unmatched in innovations and landmark recordings over 65 years."