Strike Like Lightning


Album: Strike Like Lightning Artist: Lonnie Mack
Label: Alligator Records Catalog: AL 4739
Year: 1985 Genre: Blues
Medium: Vinyl Grade: NM-
Value: $10 Sell:


Title Artist Length
Hound Dog Man 252843Lonnie Mack 4:02
Satisfy Susie 252843Lonnie Mack 4:28
Stop 252843Lonnie Mack 5:19
Long Way From Memphis 252843Lonnie Mack 3:20
Double Whammy 252843Lonnie Mack 3:35
Strike Like Lightning 252843Lonnie Mack 3:39
Falling Back In Love With You 252843Lonnie Mack 4:55
If You Have To Know 252843Lonnie Mack 4:31
You Ain't Got Me 252843Lonnie Mack 2:37
Oreo Cookie Blues 252843Lonnie Mack 4:48


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Keywords: Blues Rock; Chicago Blues; Modern Electric Blues; Rockabilly; Texas Blues Loaned:
Rating: ID: 1628
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Recorded at Cedar Creek Recording, Austin, Texas

Mixed at Austin Recording Studios, Austin, Texas

Streeterville Recording Studios, Chicago, Illinois

Original shrink with store sticker - Strawberries. Includes Alligator Records postcard.