Swingin' Dixie! (At Dan's Pier 600 In New Orleans)


Album: Swingin' Dixie! (At Dan's Pier 600 In New Orleans) Artist: Al Hirt
Label: Audio Fidelity Catalog: AFSD 5877
Year: 1958 Genre: Jazz
Medium: Vinyl Grade: EX
Value: $8 Sell:


Title Artist Length
Caravan Al Hirt 6:27
Tiger Rag Al Hirt 3:25
And The Angel Sings Al Hirt 2:27
Fidgety Feet Al Hirt 4:30
Tailgate Ramble Al Hirt 3:44
Hindustan Al Hirt 5:10
Floatin' Down To Cottontown Al Hirt 3:26
Mississippi Mud Al Hirt 3:12
I Want A Big Butter And Egg Man Al Hirt 3:12
St. Louis Blues Al Hirt 4:14
New Orleans Al Hirt 4:00
Saints Al Hirt 6:37


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