Ten Years Are Gone


Album: Ten Years Are Gone Artist: John Mayall
Label: Polydor Catalog:
Year: 1973 Genre: Blues
Medium: Vinyl Grade: VG
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Title Artist Length
Ten Years Are Gone John Mayall 4:46
Driving Till The Break Of Day John Mayall 5:03
Drifting John Mayall 4:34
Better Pass You By John Mayall 5:12
California Campground John Mayall 3:12
Undecided John Mayall 2:51
Good Looking Stranger John Mayall 4:23
I Still Care John Mayall 4:17
Don't Hang Me Up John Mayall 4:11
Introduction John Mayall 2:05
Sitting Here Thinking John Mayall 7:58
Harmonica Free Form John Mayall 11:36
Burning Sun John Mayall 5:10
Dark Of The Night John Mayall 17:41


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Keywords: Louisiana Blues; Harmonica Blues; Bluegrass; Folk, World, & Country Loaned:
Rating: ID: 945
Date Created: 2013-05-11 Date Modified: 2015-01-17
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Cover back:
PD 2-3005
2672 011
(P) 1973 Polydor Incorporated, 1700 Broadway, New York, N.Y. 10019 Printed in USA
Thanks to the record companies named for their respective artists appearance on this album: Blue Mitchell, courtesy of Mainstream, Freddy Robinson courtesy of Stax.

Cover inside:
[Lyrics of A1 to B5]
PD 2-3005
For all songs except "Undecided" Copyright (C) 1973 by Hibiscus Music BMI. Used by permission.
["Undecided"] *Copyright (C) 1973 by East/Memphis Music Corp. and Hi He Ho Music. All rights reserved. International copyright secured. Reprinted by Permission.

Center label:
(PD 2-3005 A/B/C/D)
(2929 008/9)
(2672 011)
(P) 1973 Polydor Incorporated
Manufactured by Polydor Incorporated, New York, N.Y.