The Best Of John Mayall


Album: The Best Of John Mayall Artist: John Mayall
Label: Polydor Catalog: PD2-3006
Year: 1973 Genre: Blues
Medium: Vinyl Grade: EX
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A little musky, in excellent shape

A1 Play The Harp 5:14
A2 Moving On 4:20
A3 Mess Around 2:43
A4 Full Speed Ahead 4:18
B1 Red Sky 3:48
B2 The Laws Must Chance 6:13
B3 Change You Ways 3:31
B4 Good Looking Stranger 4:20
C1 Room To Move 4:41
C2 Do It 5:03
C3 California Campgound 3:10
C4 Keep Our Country Green 3:28
D1 Things Go Wrong 6:26
D2 Deep Blue Sea 5:05
D3 Prisons On The Road 4:14
D4 Boogie Albert 2:14