The Great Blues Men


Album: The Great Blues Men Artist: Various
Label: Vanguard Catalog:
Year: 1972 Genre: Blues
Medium: Vinyl Grade: VG+
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Title Artist Length
Set A Date 194Various 2:44
Dusty Road 194Various 3:05
Corinna 194Various 2:45
Nineteen Years Old 194Various 4:55
San Francisco Bay Blues 194Various 2:40
Blues In G 194Various 3:33
If I Had My Way (Samson And Delilah) 194Various 3:05
Moanin' The Blues 194Various 3:15
Stormy Monday Blues 194Various 4:19
Dynaflow Blues 194Various 2:35
Empire State Blues 194Various 3:01
Mountain Blues 194Various 3:04
It's All Right, Baby 194Various 2:30
Key To The Highway 194Various 3:38
Burning Fire 194Various 3:15
Cotton Field Blues 194Various 5:36
Louise, Louise Blues 194Various 2:55
Tighten Up On It 194Various 3:06
Ain't Nobody's Business 194Various 3:23
How Long, How Long Blues 194Various 4:45
Cypress Grove Blues 194Various 4:10
Please Help 194Various 2:52
Fred's Rambling Blues 194Various 2:05
Four Day Creep 194Various 3:25
On My Way From Texas 194Various 3:43
It's A Mean Old World 194Various 2:22


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1986 Reissue. Solid Yellow Label

(P)(C) 1986 Vanguard Records, A Welk Record Group Company

Tracks B5, B6, C4, and D5 recorded live in 1938.
Tracks C3, D4, and D6 recorded live in 1964.
Tracks A1, B2, C2, C5, D3, and D7 recorded in 1965.

Not a gatefold.

How Long, How Long Blues (disc 2 side 2) skips in beginning. Haven't cleaned yet.
Country Blues
Chicago Blues
Texas Blues
Delta Blues
Piedmont Blues