The Leprechaun


Album: The Leprechaun Artist: Chick Corea
Label: Polydor; Polydor Catalog:
Year: 1976 Genre: Jazz
Medium: Vinyl Grade:
Value: Sell:


Title Artist Length
Imp's Welcome 37731Chick Corea 2:55
Lenore 37731Chick Corea 3:25
Reverie 37731Chick Corea 1:58
Looking At The World 37731Chick Corea 5:29
Nite Sprite 37731Chick Corea 4:31
Soft And Gentle 37731Chick Corea 5:08
Pixiland Rag 37731Chick Corea 1:10
Leprechaun's Dream 37731Chick Corea 13:03


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Keywords: Fusion; Funk / Soul Loaned:
Rating: ID: 407
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US release with alternate label design. Includes printed inner lyric sleeve.

Ⓒ&Ⓟ 1976 Polydor Incorporated